Myopia, Hyperopia and Astigmatism in Sherbrooke

See how we treat myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism in Sherbrooke at the 100% Vision clinic.

Treatment for Myopia in Sherbrooke

Generally, the myopic eye is either longer than normal or presents an excessively pronounced corneal curvature. This deformation prevents the image from reaching the retina and being transmitted to the brain. People who have myopia cannot see distant objects clearly.

Treating Hyperopia

Generally, the hyperopic eye is either shorter than normal or presents a cornea with a flat curvature. As a result, the image is focused behind the retina, which causes blurred vision. People who have hyperopia cannot see close objects clearly, and may have trouble seeing clearly at a distance.

Correcting Astigmatism in Sherbrooke

Laser eye surgery performed using the technology at 100% Vision produces excellent results in terms of correcting astigmatism. This type of eye anomaly disappears with surgical laser correction, often resulting in significant improvement in vision. In short, it is often difficult or even impossible to correct an astigmatism with contact lenses, whereas it can be treated efficiently with laser eye surgery.

An astigmatic eye lacks uniformity, which means that it cannot focus precisely. This type of anomaly results from an asymmetric curve of the cornea. If a normal eye is shaped like a tennis ball, an astigmatic eye is shaped like a football. People who have astigmatism experience blurred vision with both near and far objects. It is also a condition that can be hard to fix with glasses or contact lenses but that can be corrected through laser Zyoptix A.C.E. surgery.

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