Presbyopia Treatment in Sherbrooke

100% Vision Takes a Closer Look at Presbyopia

Laser surgery as a presbyopia treatment in Sherbrooke is still at the research stage, but certain techniques are expected to produce promising results in the near future.

Presbyopia is a natural process that generally occurs when people reach their 40s and 50s. It is cause by the gradual hardening of the crystalline lens. Normally, the crystalline lens changes form in order to focus an image. This process is called accommodation. As we age, the ability of the crystalline lens to accommodate diminishes, making it harder to focus clearly on close objects. It is important to understand that, even if myopia or hyperopia is corrected with refractive surgery, presbyopia may still occur.

At the present time, presbyopia is corrected by wearing reading glasses or by monovision through refractive surgery (allowing one eye to focus on distant objects and the other to focus on near objects). During cataract surgery, flexible intraocular lenses can be used to decrease the need for presbyopia glasses. Furthermore, ongoing research is very optimistic, pointing toward complete correction of presbyopia through laser surgery.

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