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Here are a number of useful links that you can consult in order to obtain more information concerning the services offered in Sherbrooke, vision correction treatments and Intralase technology.

In addition to presenting the various products offered by Bausch & Lomb, this website contains practical information pertaining to vision. 

Official website of the City of Sherbrooke. 

Portrait of the region, events restaurants, outings, etc. Comprehensive information for visitors. 

Visit the Delta Hotel in Sherbrooke within walking distance of the 100% Vision clinic.

NASA Approves Advanced LASIK (iLasik) for use on Astronauts

AMO's Advanced CustomVue™ LASIK with the Intralase® method proves ready for the rigors of space travel. 

Intralase website from Advanced Medical Optics (AMO) that includes a reference section for ophthalmologists who perform this technique, a FAQ section, a section featuring testimonials from experts and a table comparing blade-free (Intralase) technology against blade+laser technology. 

Exhaustive website pertaining to vision. is an independent company comprised of a team of journalists who specialize in eye care. This site is very complete, containing explanatory texts and photos of the eye, along with its functions, problems and treatments, as well as other types of information, such as the impact of sports and nutrition on vision, etc.

The mission of Abbott Medical Optics is to go beyond the limits of refractive technologies by offering the widest range possible of new knowledge. To find out if you are a good candidate for iLasik, consult the pamphlet.

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