Intralase: A new safer laser for vision correction in Sherbrooke

A Supplement to Lasik and Zyoptix: Intralase or iLasik for Blade-less Surgery in Sherbrooke

Dr. Doyon is pleased to offer Intralase: a blade-free vision correction, performed entirely with a laser here in Sherbrooke.

The 100% Vision clinic offers its clientele the new Intralase laser, which allows us to correct vision problems in complete safety. In fact, because Intralase technology works without using a surgical blade, namely microkeratome, the side effects associated with the use of a blade have been eliminated.

In addition, visual results are improved. With more than 1 million patients treated with Intralase around the world, there can be no doubt that this is a significant technological advancement, and that the level of patient satisfaction is increased.

This technology, which is called femtochemistry and uses femtosecond impulses, was awarded the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1999. The technique is more predictable and safer, which is why Dr. Doyon is proud to offer this new possibility: vision correction performed entirely by laser.

Side Effects

The Intralase technique is completely blade-less, which means that it does not use microkeratomes, and therefore, the side effects associated with the use of a blade have been eliminated. In effect, the use of the Intralase laser carries no risks related directly to the use of a surgical blade. However, the other complications or side effects associated with Lasik surgery may occur, to a lesser extent.

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